1st May - Society Club, Soho ... the launch of Damon Gibbons' 'Britain's Personal Debt Crisis

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Britain's Personal Debt Crisis - How We Got Here and What to Do About It

AND featuring the launch of Carl Packman's revised Loansharks: The Rise and Rise of Payday Lending


"Damon's book provides a timely insight into the power of personal debt to not just make life a daily struggle of the public but do long term damage to the future our country. He matches detailed analysis with a passionate call for action that many will find compelling" 
Stella Creasy MP

Damon explains:

Damon Gibbons 1

This book is about how we managed to get it wrong and create a global crisis. 

It provides evidence about how dazzled we became by credit, and details the consequences of what happens when we forget the underlying principles that need to govern its use.  Importantly, this book is also about how to get it right. 

It is not an ‘anti-credit’ book, it is a pro-credit book.  It is about how to create a credit system that really meets the needs of households and business and supports sustainable economic growth. 


It is about how to build a credit system that works for people and the planet.”


Come along to The Society Club, Soho12 Ingestre Pl, London W1F 0JF


7PM, 1st May at 6.30PM ...


To confirm attendance email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


To order the book prior to the event, click here


About Loan Sharks


Revised and updated, Carl Packman's 'Loan Sharks'


Before the original publication of my book Loan Sharks I heard some very well meaning criticisms of my work, along the lines of the following: we realise that payday lending is bad but it is only a symptom, not a cause, of the economic crisis we find ourselves in today – therefore should we not focus our attention on taking down the whole system which has allowed this type of industry to proliferate?

However we still need to account for why it is that predatory lenders have profited so much off the back of the financially vulnerable, and hold companies to account for their codes of conduct...




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