A serious and non snarky post discussing credit unions

Written by Ashwin Rattan Thursday, 02 August 2012 20:36
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Ron Shevlin has been a marketing consultant for more than 25 years.


Since other bloggers, gurus, and authors feel compelled to mention it, it goes without saying that he has consulted to the leading financial services, consumer product goods, retail, and manufacturing firms in the world. 


Currently, Ron is a senior analyst at Aite Group where he specializes in retail banking issues including sales and marketing technologies, customer and marketing analytics, social media, customer experience and consumer behavior.


Prior to joining Aite Group, Ron was a vice president at Epsilon, where he led the database marketing firm’s financial services consulting practice. Before  Epsilon, Ron was a vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, heading up Forrester’s research efforts on customer loyalty, profitability and consumer channel use in the financial services industry.


In his latest blog post he asks the question: Do Credit Unions Really Serve The Underserved?


Well do they?


Click right here to find out.


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