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Written by Ron Shevlin Tuesday, 15 November 2011 13:59
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Is social media having a revolutionary impact on marketing, like some gurus claim?

Maybe. It certainly has the potential to improve marketing effectiveness and efficiency.

But I didn’t realize what the best thing about social media was until I read the Social Media Examiner. In an article about social media return on investment, the author wrote:

“The peculiar feature of social media return is that you can define it to be essentially anything you want it to be!”

And there you have it.

The best thing about social media marketing: We get to make it up as we go along and change the rules to whatever we want them to be!

Seriously, it’s getting a little tiresome reading about all these kooky ideas from SMEGMAs (Social Media Experts, Gurus, Mavens, and Aficionados) about how to measure return on social media investments.

ROI is a metric.

It’s one of an infinite number of metrics that you could use to measure what’s going on in the world of social media.

Despite the proliferation of metrics, there are just three types of metrics: 1) Input; 2) Output; and 3) Impact.

(There are some interesting discussions about this typology as it applies to climate control and naval research, but not so much to marketing).

Ok - it's not a word first. St. Giles Resident is good as well.

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