Alex Bray: Misys, Augmented Reality and the Bank Branch of the Future

Written by Ashwin Rattan Wednesday, 05 December 2012 12:18
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As part of our ongoing efforts to re-imagine the branch of the future, Misys has developed a new proof of concept to address an old challenge. Cashiers are notoriously bad at generating leads or following up on priority actions. Instead, the cashier will focus on processing a transaction as quickly as possible.


In this scenario, a customer has walked to the cashier position where the proof of concept has been deployed.


The camera recognises the customer’s face (using facial recognition biometrics). Then, utilising overlay augmented reality, details are displayed around the customer’s head. This could be done by displaying information on the security glass between the customer and the cashier (such technology has already been developed by Hitachi and Samsung) – or by using Google ‘Project Glass’ style glasses.



In the first instance, this would speed up customer authentication processes, by identifying the customer upfront thereby reducing the handling time of customer. In addition, it would make it much harder for a cashier to ignore their next logical actions.


This is just a concept – and any bank would need to make sure it managed external messaging carefully. This could be seen as a customer experience benefit or a dose of big brother – depending on how this was deployed and how the message was managed.


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