Ann Pettifor's inquiry into banking

Written by Ashwin Rattan Sunday, 01 July 2012 14:58
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About Ann Pettifor


Ann Pettifor is a Director of PRIME Policy Research in Macroeconomics and a fellow of the New Economics Foundation, London.


She is the author of books on sovereign debt and international finance. She is best known for her leadership of a worldwide campaign to cancel approximately $100 billion of debts owed by 42 of the poorest countries – Jubilee 2000.


In 2003 she correctly predicted the bursting of the credit bubble ("The Credit Crunch") in a book she edited for the New Economics Foundation The Real World Economic Outlook (Palgrave, 2003).[1] In 2006 Palgrave Macmillan published her book The Coming First World Debt Crisis (Palgrave, 2006). She is a co-author of the Green New Deal, published by the New Economics Foundation in July 2008 - a set of policies to deal with threats posed by the Credit Crunch, Peak Oil and Climate Change.


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Ann is calling for an inquiry into the actions of bankers in the UK.

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