Bah humbug, social media should be as boring as Basel

Written by Alex Bray Saturday, 10 December 2011 21:34
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Over the last couple of months, I have presented to a lot of senior banking executives on the subject of social media. The parallels between these presentations have been fascinating.

At all these presentations, I tend to be the last presenter of the day. I am usually all that’s between 10 tired delegates and their commute home. Nevertheless the feedback I usually get afterwards is how exciting the discussion has been and how valuable it was to have an opportunity to discuss what social media can do for a bank.

Now, I would like to put this down to my own inimitable presenting style and effective influencing skills (and the fact my presentation often follows a long discussion on Basle 2 capital adequacy requirements or the impact of new regulatory frameworks - after which anything would be exciting). However, I suspect is it more to do with the way in which most bankers perceive ‘social media’. Social media is ‘fun’ and ‘cool’ and‘interesting’.

It’s is a nice way to round out a day of presentations. A tick in the box for strategic thinking. But, well… it’s just not that important right now.

I think that is really wrong.

I want social media to be recognised for what it is (and increasingly will be): ‘integral’ and ‘important’ and ‘serious’.So I’m now here to make social media boring. I want people to groan at the thought of a social media presentation.

Ok - maybe that takes it too far… But social media has to be placed in the mainstream of banking.

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Alex is the author of the forthcoming report - Augmented Reality in Financial Services.

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