Becky McCray on ''What we fail to teach our kids about money?''

Written by Becky McCray Wednesday, 23 November 2011 18:52
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We fail to teach kids how to make their own...

I sat at lunch with two guys, two guys who felt trapped by their current jobs, and couldn't conceive of starting their own business. And I thought about high school kids. 

I thought about the 25 high school kids in a small town in Illinois, in an entrepreneurship program. Small towns are notorious for providing limited options to graduating students. Before the class, 3 said they planned to return to their small town after college. At the end of the class, 21 of the 25 now had plans to return.

Entrepreneurship training gave them options. 

Educator Kevin Honeycutt suggested making entrepreneurship and business part of everyone's education. What if your grade in business class was based on your business, and not on some spreadsheet you learned to make?

What if your business class turned into a downtown business district? 

When we fail to teach kids how to make their own money, we leave them no choice but to be trapped by someone else. We are abdicating responsibility for their financial future to a series of unknown businesses and bosses. 

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What we fail to teach our kids about money by Andy Golding and the crowd will be published by Searching Finance in December 2012. 
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