''Bless the squire and all his relations'' The Pragmatist tackles undue deference

Written by Simon Deane-Johns Tuesday, 13 March 2012 15:15
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Simon Deane-Johns AKA ''The Pragmatist'' and author of the recently published - Lipstick on a Pig,  is assessing undue deference in his latest blog post. 

For those who don't know...

Simon is an entrepreneur, lawyer, and thinker whose own work focuses on how the relationship between individuals, society and institutions is changing, fundamentally and forever.

Simon is obsessed with how we, as individuals, are personalising the one-size-fits-all existence traditionally offered by our institutions; and what the impact of this trend will be on our financial system, politics, unions, the church and beyond. (I'm really sorry about the length of that last sentence).
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