Bob Chicken reviews 'Saving the World'? Gordon Brown Reconsidered

Written by Ashwin Rattan Thursday, 20 December 2012 10:47
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Bob Chicken @Mullingkintyre is a Labour activist in Argyll and Bute. Campaigner for vulnerable adults. Tourism consultant and support worker for vulnerable adults. Walker, Biker and Yottie.

Bob has kindly agreed to upload his review of William Keegan's 'Saving the World'? Gordon Brown Reconsidered

I have just finished William Keegan’s retrospective on Gordon Brown “Saving the World”? and find that it has made me re-think my views of Gordon Brown’s premiership.


It is a short book, only 105 pages, but barely a single word is wasted. It is eminently readable and packed with facts and interesting insights by those who were close to Brown at the time as well as those that were intimately involved with the financial crisis


We get so used to the government blaming the financial crisis on Labour in general and Gordon Brown in particular. Thus it is refreshing to see him through the eyes of other world political and financial leaders who, almost universally, praise him for the skilful way he managed them to a strategy that prevented a complete financial meltdown.


It shows the evolution of the banking crash and how Brown’s own thinking changed as the depth of the crisis became apparent. It also tells us how he was able to take other world political leaders and financial authorities along with him.


Unfortunately Brown’s inept handling of domestic politics at the time ensured that he would lose power in 2010 and I now feel disappointed that his handling of the financial crisis came to such an abrupt end when his financial management of the UK economy was just beginning to show results.

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