Bradley Leimer chooses his least favourite corporate jargon

Written by Ashwin Rattan Wednesday, 19 December 2012 21:24
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On twitter, Bradley Leimer describes himself as :


Technologist, Curator, Connector, Advisor, Writer, Speaker; Digital Strategy; Bank 3.0, Fintech, Payments, Social Media, Design

How exactly someone can be ''Digital Strategy ... Social Media, Design'' is a bit baffling, perhaps Bradley had been listening to the song ''What a feeling'' from Flashdance, where the lady sings ''I am rhythm''.


But it's Christmas, so let's not make a big deal. 


Bradley is next up in the Searching Finance quest to find the worst corporate jargon. 


His first answer was ''Strategize'', to which he later added.


''Ok, how about 'mobile wallet'.

It's just a dumb term, it doesn't reflect larger mobility picture.''


So there you have it. And if you want to see Julia Streets' full list of corporate jargon expressions, then click here

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