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Written by Ashwin Rattan Monday, 03 December 2012 17:50
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Julia Streets, author of the recently published, Lingua Franca of the Corporate Banker is appearing tonight (3rd December 2012) at The Comedy Store in London.


Full blurb and details below. The short version is: ''Go along cos it's funny and in a good cause''.


Julia Streets, Michael Heppell, Steve McDermott, Richard Gerver, David Pearl, Rowan Pelling & Brendan Barns

Funny Business: An evening of comedy, with all proceeds going to Help the Hospices.

Back by popular demand, the London Business Forum has pleasure in presenting ‘Funny Business'. Some of the UK's top business gurus will take to The Comedy Store stage to entertain you. Come and join us and experience just how funny the world of business really is - you're guaranteed a brilliant night out!

Tickets cost just £25 + VAT and all the money from every ticket sold goes straight to Help the Hospices.

Our evening will be hosted by Brendan Barns, the Founder of the London Business Forum. Other contributors will include Rowan Pelling, Steve McDermottMichael HeppellJulia StreetsRichard Gerver and David Pearl.

All our gurus/comedians are kindly participating in this event to help raise funds for Help the Hospices, the national charity for the hospice movement. Hospices give unparalleled care to people who are facing the end of life - and to those who love them. Their vision is of a world in which everyone at the end of life has access to the best possible care.

About the Speakers

Brendan Barns founded the London Business Forum in March 2002. He was educated at the London School of Economics before working in Parliament for some bloke called Tony Blair. Other distinguished roles have included one day as a trainee hairdresser, one day packing Mars milk into boxes and one year specializing in filling Tesco shelves with tinned meat and fish. He graduated from the Comedy School in June 2011.

Rowan Pelling is a columnist for the Daily Telegraph and broadcaster, who first achieved note as the editor (or "editrice", to use her term) of the Erotic Review. She began her career at the satirical magazine Private Eye, before falling into bed with the Erotic Review in 1997. Her obsession with grammar, spelling and literature may be the reason she is one of the few eroticists never to make a fortune. She keeps her hand in, so to speak, by writing a sex advice column for the Daily Mail.

Steve McDermott is recognised as one of Europe’s funniest and most insightful motivational speakers. He is also a broadcaster, businessman and author. His book How to be a complete and utter failure in life, work and everything is an international best seller. Steve has won the prestigious European Motivational Speaker of the year award three times. That’s because his presentations make people laugh as well as think. One of his client's Asda has described him as “Half business guru. Half stand up comedian”.

Michael Heppell is the International Best Selling author of hits including How To Be Brilliant, Brilliant Life and Flip It. Flip It had the distinction of becoming the No. 1 Best Selling Personal Development title in the UK of 2010. Michael has worked with everyone from convicted criminals to business leaders; from the long term unemployed to TV personalities. In fact he works with anyone who has the desire to set brilliance as their benchmark. He's never done stand-up comedy......until now.

Julia Streets leads a mashed up life. Her day job is Founder and Director of 'Streets Consulting', a business development, marketing and communications agency specialising in international financial services. As a sideline, she can often be found talking about her experiences drawn from more than 20 years earning her pinstripes in corporate and City life. Julia has been featured on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme, BBC Radio Kent and in the City media. Her humour will to appeal to anyone who has ever shared a printer, gossip or coffee shop queue.

Richard Gerver is one of the world’s foremost thinkers on education. In 2005, he was judged the best head teacher in the UK, after turning a failing school into an innovation success story. Since then, he has helped governments around the world to shape education policy and major organisations to make the most of their talent. He can make a class of school kids laugh and now he's going to try and make you laugh too.

David Pearl has an eclectic background as a performer, writer, opera singer, serenader, director, broadcaster, consultant, experience engineer and adviser to top CEOs. He can transport even the most jaded workers to a place far away from the everyday grind, where spirits are lifted and innovation comes easily. David's ultimate objective is always the same: to make people more inspired and more inspiring.....or on this make you laugh and laugh.

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