Contrivances and open platforms

Written by JP Rangaswami Monday, 14 January 2013 17:02
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JP Rangaswami is Chief Scientist at, the following is from his blog ... 


I thought I’d continue with the theme of the internet as a complex adaptive and open platform, and use this post to share a number of stories on how people are using the internet in amazing ways:


The internet is a treasure trove of incredible empowerment.


In April last year, I read about a boy, whose brother was working as a sweeper on India’s trains, who got lost and separated from his mother in 1986, when he was five. He found her. A quarter of a century later. Using Google Earth.


Did the designers of the internet, the Web, Google Earth or the device used actually plan for this eventuality? That someone would retrace twenty-five-year-old steps to reconnect with a parent? No. But that’s not important. What’s important is that the internet could be used this way. That the Web could be used this way. That Google Earth could be used this way. And that the device could be used this way.


More recently I read that someone designed ... 

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