Courageous State author wins award for Outstanding Contribution to Accountancy

Written by Ashwin Rattan Friday, 05 October 2012 11:27
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Richard Murphy, social justice campaigner and author of the recently published 'The Courageous State' has been recognised for his Oustanding Contribution to the Accountancy Profession by the Association of International Accountants at their annual Founders’ Lecture.


To quote from Richard's blog:


Why was I surprised?


There are three reasons.


First, by no means all in the profession like what I do.


Second, I was up against people from the IASB and Deloitte - both of whom have serious backing, I would have thought, and third this was a popular vote. Popularity isn’t something some think I have courted.


But win I did, and I admit I feel slightly humbled and quietly pleased as a result. I would not be honest if I said otherwise.


I promise you I didn’t do a Gwyneth Paltrow when offering my thanks. But apart from thanking the AIA for their courage in nominating me, and their members for the courage to vote for me, I would, inevitably like to thank some other people now.


This award recognises “a significant contribution to the profession, showing leadership, determination and commitment.”

Must go now, to check out Tim Worstall's comment. 

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