Damon Gibbons - Solving Britain's Personal Debt Crisis

Written by Ashwin Rattan Friday, 30 March 2012 16:00
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Searching Finance is delighted to announce that Damon Gibbons has signed with us to publish ''Solving Britain's Personal Debt Crisis''.

Some more about Damon:

Damon Gibbons has over twenty years experience of dealing with Britain’s debt problems.


Starting his career as a debt advice worker in 1990 as mortgage repossessions hit an all time high, he has been involved at the sharp end - providing court representation to help people keep their homes and avoid bankruptcy. Following a move to local government in 1997,where he managed anti-poverty and money advice services for nearly a decade, he also witnessed at first hand the impact of Council cut backs on the ability of people to access advice.


He has also had major impact on national and international policy making. 

In 1999, Damon co-founded the national Debt on our Doorstep campaign which highlighted the scandal of high cost money lending to those on the very lowest incomes and in 2003 he successfully identified the grounds for a Competition Commission inquiry into the industry.  In 2005, Damon co-founded the European Coalition for Responsible Credit, raising the need for much better regulation of our banks and credit lenders some three years before the onset of the current debt crisis.


Now the Director of the Centre for Responsible Credit, Damon’s research findings and policy recommendations are often taken up by Members of Parliament and he is frequently asked to comment on credit, debt and financial exclusion issues in the national media.”

Damon's book will fit alongside Carl Packman's forthcoming Loansharks (summer 2012), David Taylor Gooby's The Future of the NHS, Nic Ryder's Credit Unions (autumn 2012), Andy Golding's recently published What we fail to teach our kids about money, and of course Lipstick on a Pig by The Pragmatist and Richard Murphy's The Courageous State as part of Searching Finance's sequence of books assessing money, institutions and modern Britain. 

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