Daniel Gusev: Innovation in big companies is a misnomer

Written by Daniel Gusev Monday, 18 March 2013 18:28
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Daniel Gusev is a payments geek, innovation practitioner and startup amateur.


He took some time out from being all of the above to read Kosta Peric's The Castle and The Sandbox 


And this is what he had to write:

Innovation in a big company has for long been a misnomer, dispelled as a marketing gimmick that companies use often to prove their competitors of their mettle and avid thinking about the future. Alas, the thinking did not go far from the books and seminars they spent money on, where customers were left with the same unwelcoming proposition.

As the time went by, and processing, transmission and visualization technologies all developed to a stage accessible to amateurs, suddenly it appeared that the outside world has a far better potential of creating the new service, where professional thinking of incumbents was castigated by customers leaving in droves for the better future.
At first the companies tried to react - but were too shallow with the approach...


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