Daniel Gusev on social media in financial services

Written by Daniel Gusev Monday, 05 September 2011 22:29
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Everything is social these days.

The nature of social is elusive, as are societal norms that change in a matter of seconds - new communication vehicles appear, conquer the world and fall into oblivion. Everything is social.

Are banks social?

They should be as they cumulatively stand for millions more relationships than Facebook. Are they meeting the demands for social communications from their customers? Hardly. 

What to do?

That was the question when I began tracking Christophe Langlois's blog and Twitter in May 2009. That lead to many revelations and provided me with critical pieces of a puzzle on how social can greatly complement a bank's communication strategy.

Most banks fret over the impossibility of tracking all voices of bank's customers - leading to the conclusion that push marketing is the best weapon ever.

Visible Banking posts demonstrated the opposite. Quite so, they have shown why social is crucial. It is not just adoption and engagement. It is tangible results (RIO)

With his book (and his blogging and tweeting), Christophe has truly proven the benefits of banking visibility.

That is an exercise that many at the finest financial institutions failed to achieve.

Christophe will be discussing the Art of Social Media at London Beach on 12th September 2011. One or two places remain, contact Ashwin Rattan ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) for further details.

Daniel Gusev is a specialist on digital banking and payments, and in his own words. ''a weatherman trying to guess where the next innovation in financial services will rainfall, and a socialist who believes that payments can contribute to better living''.
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