David Schropfer reviews BankRUPT

Written by Ashwin Rattan Friday, 08 June 2012 08:23
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'' In her new book, Bankrupt, author Carol L. Realini delivers a provocative view into the mainstream banking system and explains, in vivid detail, what has gone wrong and what consumers can do to effect change.

Realini displays her remarkable talent for conversational storytelling as she covers extremely complex topics with ease.

She builds the foundation of Bankrupt on hard facts and real examples, which allows the reader to form intelligent conclusions about modern banking. 

Realini deconstructs the otherwise brittle topic of banking using historical records, current facts, and even pointed quotes from some of the world’s most acclaimed thinkers.

This book is a must-read for anyone who does not keep their money under their mattress.''

David Schropfer is a Partner with the internationally recognized consulting firm, The Luciano Group, where he leads its Mobile Payment and Mobile Commerce practice. Earlier in his career, he was Senior Vice President with IDT Telecom, and a Business Development Officer for Capital One. 

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