Diane Coyle: Gross Domestic Problem

Written by Ashwin Rattan Tuesday, 29 January 2013 15:10
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 From The Enlightened Economist


Here’s a book title that wears its heart on its cover.


Lorenzo Fioramonti’s Gross Domestic Problem: the politics behind the world’s most powerful number gives you the essence of the argument upfront.


If I had to sum it up as an elevator pitch, it would be Tim Jackson’s Prosperity Without Growth view (that economic growth is environmentally unaffordable and unnecessary for welfare) meets the left-wing belief that the military-industrial complex is in control of the economy for its own purposes.


I don’t agree with either, although my disagreement is sympathetic.

To read the full article goto Diane's blog:

Diane Coyle runs the consultancy Enlightenment Economics. Her latest book is The Economics of Enough.

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