Did Gordon Brown "Save the world'' in 2008? Paul Krugman comments

Written by Ashwin Rattan Saturday, 15 September 2012 19:44
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''Saving the world''? is William Keegan's forthcoming assessment of Gordon Brown.


The title comes from Brown's famous slip of the tongue from December 2008 (see below).



In an interview with The Independent, earlier this year, when asked if Gordon Brown had in fact saved the world in 2008, Paul Krugman answered:


''I think it’s arguably right.


We now look back in those six months after Lehman Brothers failed [in October 2008] and policymakers did the right things.


They did what was necessary to stop a complete financial collapse.


We now talk as if that was fated to happen, but maybe not. Clearly it was Gordon Brown who moved first in doing the bank recapitalisation.''

To read the full interview, click here.

''Saving the world''? by William Keegan will be published by Searching Finance in September 2012.

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