Does Apple need a Castle and Sandbox?

Written by Searching Finance Sunday, 10 March 2013 12:07
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A lively debate has been taking part on The Guardian's pages regarding the future for Apple.


To quote a small extract:


These are tricky times for Apple's legion of fans and supporters.


The iPhone and iPad have helped the company underscore its position as one of the biggest, most powerful businesses in the world, but the whispering campaign is out there.

Can it really survive without Steve Jobs? Where's the vision now?


You can see fear starting to peep through in all sorts of ways.

Strategically, Apple now seems to be focused on small changes to big products...

...The stock price is down nearly 40% from last summer

To view the full article, and the exchange of views between the editor of Techcrunch and The Guardian's Bobbi Johnson (and you should, cos it's really interesting) goto:


The fact is that tech companies face a constant battle to reinvent themselves, in a world where disruptive innovation quickly makes new business models old. If in doubt, check out this article about Kodak


Fortunately, Kosta Peric, head of Innovation at SWIFT, has the answer, and it involves a Castle and Sandbox approach.


Check it out.




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