Dr. Clare Chambers-Jones signs for Searching Finance

Written by Ashwin Rattan Wednesday, 04 January 2012 14:32
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As the winter transfer window opens (a reference that will mean very little to those who don't follow European football) Searching Finance is delighted to announce that Dr Clare Chambers-Jones has signed with us to publish her forthcoming book: Regulating Gambling in Virtual Worlds.

Some more about Clare ...

Clare has worked in the City of London with Grant Thornton and subsequently Morgan Stanley, where she worked as an investment banking legal and compliance officer for Europe.

Her research interests are: banking law, financial education, financial exclusion, alternative financial delivery mechanisms, and mobile finance.

She is a senior law lecturer at University of West of England, Bristol law school and teaches European Law, Banking Law, Commercial Law and Banking and Finance LLM. She has been awarded an early career research grant to complete her research into virtual economics.

Clare writes prolifically on the subject of banking and finance (to put it mildly).

Some more about Clare's forthcoming book, Regulating Gambling in Virtual Worlds

Chapter 1 - Introduction

-       Virtual worlds what are they and how they work

-       Methodology and the top 10 MMGO’s chosen for the study


Chapter 2 – Global and Virtual Gambling Legislation

-       Gambling Act 2005 in the UK

-       Gambling legislation for the US

-       Other applicable countries associated with the top 10 MMOG’s e.g. China and Korea to be identified once the top 10 MMOG’s have been chosen.

-       Discussion on cyber jurisdiction and sovereignty

Chapter 3 – Economic crime Legislation

-       UK

-       US

-       China

-       Other applicable countries

-       Discussion on cyber jurisdiction and sovereignty


Chapter 4 - Case studies

-       Examining the top 10 virtual worlds

-       Empirical investigation and analysis


Chapter 5 – Conclusion and Recommendation

Regulating Gambling in Virtual Worlds by Dr Clare Chambers-Jones will be published by Searching Finance in November 2012
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