Embrace diversity. Polish review of French author's book in English

Written by Michal Kisiel Thursday, 18 August 2011 17:12
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To view the polish language review, have a look at:

And for those without access to google's translation services, a truncated, english language review is below.

If you are into social media and finance, chances are you already know Christophe Langois and his Visible Banking site. Searching Finance has published his book – “A Practical Guide to Social Media in Financial Services”.

Christophe breathes social media and it shows in his book. It is the social media encyclopedia for financial institutions, covering walled online communities, Facebook, Twitter, blogs from different angles (marketing, recruitment, HRM, Know-Your-Customer, CRM etc.). The book is stuffed with practical material, it gives the reader lots of ready-to-use tools – checklists, best practices and illustrative case studies. It also shows the limitations and dangers of new media – a thing worth noting when there is so much hype surrounding the subject.

I wholeheartedly recommend this guide – go and get it now!

Dr Michal Kisiel, analyst at,  tweeting @finnovation

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