Eoin Clarke: What sort of NHS do we want?

Written by Ashwin Rattan Wednesday, 19 December 2012 19:19
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Few would disagree with the statement that 2012 was the most crucial year we have ever had in regards to debating upon the future of our NHS.


The chief criticism levied at those opposed to the Tory NHS Bill, such as I, was that we had no clear idea of how the NHS could be updated to meet the growing demands of an aging population, or a tightening financial settlement.


Of course those accusations could not be further from the reality. In fact, David Taylor-Gooby’s monograph puts forward detailed plans for the democratisation of our health service, and a proposal to root our healthcare in communities.


With more than twenty five years experience in the NHS, David's freethinking ideas based upon experience are democratic in deed, and not just meaningless rhetoric, such as that put forward by the Tories who seek to dismantle our state and hand our health service over to private corporations. Gooby book's main strength is the belief he places in the talent that exists within communities, and the expertise that exists within our NHS. Marrying the two is an innovative way, by Gooby, of articulating how our NHS might face its next generation of challenges.


Those who favour Co-operative endeavour above unethical profit seeking will enjoy this read.


What Sort of NHS Do We Want? by David Taylor-Gooby is available here

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