FS philosopher Bob Ford ON ''What do we fail to teach our kids about money?''

Written by Bob Ford Monday, 17 October 2011 21:20
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I know I have been hopeless at budgeting and got myself into some right financial messes because of it.

Therefore it wasn’t the first thing I taught my kids (the hypocrite syndrome) and I think each has had to learn the hard way – through similar trials and tribulations – maybe not to the same extent I experienced problems none the less.

The corollary to this is the discipline then to live within the budget and only spend what you have (not what you expect to get).''

Bob Ford is a dad and granddad x8 times over. He is also Senior Consultant & Director at Bob Ford Associates Limited. Previous roles include, Consultant at Logica UK Limited, Business Analyst at Citibankand Business Analyst at Bank of New York Mellon.

What we fail to teach our kids about money, by Andy Golding and Annie Shaw will be published by Searching Finance in December 2011.

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