Football, advertising, travel and payday lending

Written by Ashwin Rattan Friday, 13 April 2012 07:50
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In the same week that Stella Creasy discussed payday lending at length with The Guardian...


...this article appeared on Iona's Young Money Blog on whether it would be more appropriate for football clubs to be working with credit unions rather than payday providers.


The article concludes with some less comfortable thoughts for The Guardian itself.


Iona's blog follows on from David Moyes recent comments on how the scheduling of the 2012 FA Cup semi finals are unfair to Merseyside's football fans:


'You are making it as really awkward as you can to get there.

To get to London for 12.30pm on a Saturday isn't an easy thing, without maybe going and staying overnight or getting away really early in the morning. That has been a little bit unfair on both clubs from up here.

 'We have to watch that we are not making football too awkward for the supporter who has to go to his job.'

(Taken from The Daily Telegraph)

So is it unreasonable to say that in paying for the new Wembley, the FA has penalised fans in one of the less affluent parts of the country? Surely there's no real reason why the first FA Cup semi final couldnt have been played at either Villa Park or Old Trafford?


All in this together?


Note: For those of you who don't follow Iona's blog, here's some background:


The first blog of its kind in the UK about personal finance and consumer affairs - by a young person (23 years old!) for young people!

 No jargon and no yawn-inducing facts and figures – I’m here to cover important financial issues affecting our generation in a clear and down-to-earth way.
I started life as a music journalist, before taking an intense interest in personal finance and realising there’s no dedicated coverage in this country to financial issues that young people can readily understand and access.

There is no other blog in the UK like this. Young people have never had it quite so tough and I’m here to help.

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