Heartbeats are the new passwords?

Written by Ashwin Rattan Monday, 14 January 2013 22:34
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Bionym, a tech start-up founded by two U of T graduates, has created a piece of software that uses the unique heartbeat of humans for IT security.


Instead of unreliable and hackable passwords, the software, called HeartID, uses a person’s heartbeat to authenticate their identity and protect access to important information.


Founded by Foteini Agrafioti and Dr. Karl Martin, Bionym specializes in developing biometric software — technology that measures and analyzes human biological data.


HeartID is more convenient than existing biometric identification techniques; instead of swiping fingerprints on a scanner or positioning irises in front of cameras, a cardiac signal requires a simple touch.


Cardiac signals are also highly secure and their accuracy is rated at greater than 99 per cent. “HeartID is currently the only commercially available biometric authentication solution that uses the cardiac signal,” says Agrafioti.


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