How to print social currency

Written by Eli Gothill Sunday, 20 November 2011 08:49
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One way to define ‘social currency’ is as recorded reputation.

The currencies of the emerging reputation economy will be symbols like badges, club memberships, links and Twitter lists, all of which help to lock in reputation gains within a community or scene.

While opportunities to do what you love for money are hard to come by, there is no limit to the amount of social currency you can earn to demonstrate your skills and commitment.

So why wait? Here’s a short guide to printing your own social currency, and what to do with it.

Step 1: Find a passion

If you’re like most people this may not be your day job. I spent a lot of my free time searching and experimenting with what made me feel more alive.

This began with blogging about the future of money. Without having a clear sense of where I was headed, I just blindly pursued what interested me.

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