Husband and wife, Adam and Soni, on ''What we fail to teach our kids about money?''

Written by Adam Bennett and Soni Putnis Saturday, 29 October 2011 15:07
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''I was taught neither how to make money nor what to do with it and consequently money has been a necessary but irritating sideline to a very happy life.

However, money can do more for you than pay the rent and it is obvious to me now that for those people, to whom money is an excitement and aspiration, there are potentially great rewards.

Understanding money is not greed. Being interested in money is not selfish.

Knowing how to make and use money is one of life’s key lessons and an interest for the subject is a good place to start.''

       Soni Putnis, Surgeon

''Growing up, I was taught that money was vulgar and those who had too much or too little were vulgar, though it was better to fall into the former category.

While a vaguely imperialist sense of entitlement to money was instilled in me, virtually no actual skills in the acquisition or management of money were part of this package.

Popular culture gave me the fashionable distrust of money that is the domain of the financially disaffected – most of the population – and finished my early education in the subject.

My children will learn to respect and manage money as environmentalists do water. It is the water that nourishes invention and enables innovation. 

However, it is not an end in itself and my children will not learn to acquire money for its own sake.

Imagination creates money. Once there was nothing. Look how much there is now.''  

       Adam Bennett, Company Director

What we fail to teach our kids about money - by Andy Golding and Annie Shaw, will be published by Searching Finance (December 2011) 

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