If banks are going to hoard cash they should at least do it properly

Written by Ashwin Rattan Thursday, 14 June 2012 12:51
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FSA's Hector Sants is quoted on the BBC as saying;


"What is determining the amount of cash banks hold is the market climate and not the regulator," 


For all those of us with A-level economics this sounds a bit like Keynes' ''The liquidity Trap'' of the 30s.


Well fortunately for all those banks awash with cash, help in managing their liquidity is at hand with John Bertrand's recently published Liquidity Strategies for FI's and Corporates.

As Thomas E Jones, former Vice Chairman of the IASB notes:

''Liquidity Strategies for Financial Institutions and Corporates is superb. For the first time there is a book that explains banking and finance in everyday language. Easy and simple to read and understand. It is ideal for CFOs and others needing a practical understanding of finance and how it affects their companies."

About John Bertrand:

John's expertise in banking, cash management, payments and technology was gained over 30 years at Citibank, IBOS, ALLTEL, Misys and Admertec/Ceptum in the USA and UK.


In this time he created and implemented technology in front, middle and back offices of banks, in addition to developing electronic access options for the needs of corporations and retail customers.  This included redefining core banking for Misys  (300 banks), ensuring long-term revenue. He has provided and developed cash management consulting, netting schemes, third party cash management, pooling and foreign exchange.

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