Jacqui Taylor on how the web is changing business and IT forever

Written by Ashwin Rattan Tuesday, 06 March 2012 09:47
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Searching Finance is delighted to announce that Jacqui Taylor, ceo and founder of FlyingBinary has signed with us to write a book on business and IT.

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CIaO - How the Web is changing the IT Landscape forever 


The digital revolution ushered in by the development of the World Wide Web has had a global impact across industries and sectors, however the changes are only just beginning.


Over the next five years those businesses who will thrive, rather than exist, will use technology to drive business growth and create new services.


For the new businesses being created every day, these developments are an exciting landscape. Relatively little investment is needed, business tools are free or inexpensive and the germ of an idea can be built into the next big thing within months not years.


For existing businesses this landscape is far from exciting, with shrinking markets and increasing competition, and a legacy organisation given a seemingly impossible task of competing in this web enabled world. While this is the prevailing perspective it is far from accurate.


With a strategic approach to the problem and a business driven set of objectives this situation can also be turned around in only a few months.


This book contains practical advice from the author on a road map to harness the power of technology to achieve game changing results.

Information gained over the last 3 years of changes across a number of verticals is presented from a business viewpoint to empower individuals within existing businesses to deliver changes just like a start up business.


While aimed at business users, this book also enables technology professionals to translate current career ambitions into the new roles which are becoming available from this technology shift.

(To be published September 2012) 

About the author

Jacqui has 25 years of implementing technology across the world. She co-founded FlyingBinary after implementing the Payment Services Directive for a financial services group across Europe using the new web tools and fully realising the transformation power of these new technologies.


FlyingBinary implements the latest technologies to provide game changing business results in a number of verticals across the globe. The company has just been awarded a framework contract to supply Cloud and Analytics Services to the UK Government. One of the key platforms enables Social Measurement Optimisation for all companies, SMEs and Enterprises.


Jacqui is a Tech City Mentor and Director of Communications for the Cloud Security Alliance in the UK and Ireland. She is also regular speaker on Cloud, Smarter Analytics and Profiting from the Web.

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