Judging a man by the quality of his enemies...Richard Murphy

Written by Ashwin Rattan Thursday, 10 November 2011 10:21
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Richard Murphy makes the International Tax Review's Top 50 biggest influences in tax:

''They say you can judge a man by the strength of his enemies and Richard Murphy, an accountant who largely turned his back on his trade to become a tireless campaigner for tax justice, has made some very powerful ones in the world of international business and among his former peers.

Much like Marmite, you may love him or hate him, but Murphy has never shied away from his campaign to stamp out tax avoidance through country-by-country reporting, a standard he claims he was instrumental in devising.

“We want to know what tax companies owe, where they owe it and the profits and losses they make in each jurisdiction,” says Murphy. “And we want to know how many people you employ and where. We want to know who you exploit. That is what this is about, the poorest people in the world.”

A founder of the Tax Justice Network, Murphy is always among the first to leak the information tax avoiders and tax authorities don’t want you to hear on his daily blog. Multinationals may not like him, but they ignore him at their peril.''

Richard is the author of the forthcoming: ''The Courageous State''.

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