Larry Elliott discusses ''Saving the World''? Gordon Brown Reconsidered

Written by Ashwin Rattan Monday, 15 October 2012 18:13
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"William Keegan is just the man for this sparkling reassessment of Gordon Brown's time in Downing Street.


'Saving the World'? is packed with insights, benefits from a lifetime of charting the ups and downs of the British economy, and is, of course, beautifully written."  

Larry Elliott

larry elliott

Larry Elliott is a British journalist and author focusing on economic issues. He is currently economics editor at The Guardian.


And in other news


William Keegan will be discussing ''Saving the World''? at London Queen Mary's on 30th October 2012.


Full details below:


The eighty-ninth meeting of the Mile End Group will take place at 18.30 on 30 October at QM when William Keegan, senior economics commentator for The Observer, and newly-appointed Visiting Professor to the MEG and the School of Economics and Finance, will give a talk about and launch his new book 'Saving the World'? Gordon Brown reconsidered (Searching Finance 2012), with Steve Richards of The Independent as respondent.



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