Loan Sharks UK, not OK

Written by Ashwin Rattan Sunday, 03 June 2012 21:11
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Carl Packman is the author of the forthcoming book Loan Sharks (to be published by Searching Finance September 2012).


Carl is a writer, campaigner and researcher based in London. 


After graduating he worked in a school in Essex populated predominantly by a local traveller community, before becoming a researcher in children's policy, then moving into health research. 


He has written for various publications such as the Guardian, the New Statesman, Tribune Magazine and The Philosopher's Magazine on subjects as varied as atheism, the war on terror and loan sharks. 


He is a regular blogger having written for such popular blogs as Left Foot Forward, Liberal Conspiracy, Open Democracy, Labour Uncut and Harry's Place.


And if you need to know why the book is needed, check out the clip below ...  



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