Let's not do the (internet banking) time warp again

Written by Alex Bray Friday, 09 December 2011 11:41
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I think we can all agree that internet banking has proved itself to be a BIG thing!

And yet, banks seem to be way off the pace in terms of quality of service and functionality provided to corporate and business customers online.

In fact, I would say that internet banking for business is in a ten year time warp. It feels similar to where retail banks were back in 2000 – when they were still trying to understand what customers would do online and figure out if they could make money from that new-fangled ‘inter-web’.

It’s strange, really. These are the business accounts that are worth hundreds of millions – you would think banks would be lavishing money on them. However, business and corporate banking has remained a largely person to person relationship business.

Internet banking has been a hygiene factor rather than a differentiator.

This is especially as, by and large, it is small business people or junior finance clerks who most regularly use online services.

But I think this is all about to change – and for a few good reasons (and this list is not exhaustive):

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