Now on kindle: 'Saving the World'? Gordon Brown Reconsidered by William Keegan

Written by Searching Finance Sunday, 14 April 2013 11:42
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What they have to say about THE political book of the year.


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''William Keegan has written a beautiful little book ... I care not whether Brown threw a stapler, manoeuvred to supplant Tony Blair ... I care how he stacks up against Pericles, Jefferson, Pitt, Gladstone, Roosevelt - leaders who thought deeply, stood for something and led''.

Peter Jay, The Oldie 


"The chancellors judged by Bill Keegan wax and wane. But after decades as one of the UK's leading economic commentators, his light shines as bright as ever." Robert Peston, BBC

"William Keegan is just the man for this sparkling reassessment of Gordon Brown's time in Downing Street. 'Saving the World?' is packed with insights, benefits from a lifetime of charting the ups and downs of the British economy, and is, of course, beautifully written."  Larry Elliott, The Guardian

"William Keegan is a great columnist and an entertaining and authoritative chronicler of the economic and political history of our times." David Smith, The Sunday Times

''The book is a terrific read, and Keegan’s fairmindedness shines through.'' John Rentoul, The Independent

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