Now on kindle: The Lingua Franca of The Corporate Banker

Written by Julia Streets Thursday, 11 April 2013 19:09
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Kindle edition of business woman / comedian’s corporate jargon book to be
launched at Cambridge WordFest


‘The Lingua Franca of the Corporate Banker’ was first released in paperback in 2012 and the
Kindle release will make it more widely available to both domestic and international


Already the facebook page has more than 2,500 followers from around the world.
The Kindle edition will be launched at Cambridge WordFest to coincide with a Funny
Women event at the ADC Theatre on Saturday 13th April 2013. Julia Streets will be
performing alongside other female comics including Rowan Pelling ex-editor ofthe Erotic
Review and national columnist.

Published by Searching Finance, its publisher said, “As anyone who works in an
office will testify, business jargon drives everyone mad and it is not getting any
better. Don’t be fooled by the deliberate rhyming slang reference to ‘banker’ in the title,
this book appeals to anyone who is sick and tired of being given a ’heads ups’ as a way to
‘socialise ideas’ for ‘paradigm shifting solutions’.”

Julia Streets, businesswoman, writer and comedian added, “Recently a client asked me
whether it was time to open my kimono and then, without any hint of irony, asked me
where my sweet spot was? If we are a truly entrepreneurial, globally competitive nation,
how can we possibly imagine that our international colleagues understand what on earth
we mean? My book is designed to ridicule our excessive use of irritating language and to 

offer a helpful source of reference for international executives.”


The first half of the book explores and offers explanations for why these business
expressions are so readily used, abused and used to confuse in business. Streets herself
admits to being a reformed abuser and reflects on what made her change her ways.

She wrote to hundreds of international executives asking which they found most irritating,for
any new ones heard and documents their responses. The second half lists a glossary of
more than 500 expressions explaining what these idioms mean and offering a dry
observation or witticism.


To order the kindle click here.
Now available on Kindle at the price of £6.71.


To order the hardcopy click here.

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