Peter Jay reviews ''Saving the World'' for The Oldie

Written by Searching Finance Sunday, 07 April 2013 20:29
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Reviewing 'Saving the World'? Gordon Brown Reconsidered for The Oldie (May 2013), Peter Jay notes:


''William Keegan has written a beautiful little book ...


I care not whether Brown threw a stapler, manoeuvred to supplant Tony Blair ... I care how he stacks up against Pericles, Jefferson, Pitt, Gladstone, Roosevelt - leaders who thought deeply, stood for something and led''.


Alas, am unable to link to the main review, but go buy a copy of The Oldie or subscribe, you know the drill.


About Peter Jay (thank you Wikipedia)


Peter Jay is the son of Douglas and Peggy Jay, both of whom were Labour Party politicians. He was commissioned in the Royal Navy, then worked as a civil servantat HM Treasury before becoming a journalist and, for 10 years, economics editor with The Times.


Dr David Owen, Foreign Secretary in the government of Jay's father-in-law, James Callaghan, appointed him UK Ambassador to the United States (1977–1979).

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