Professor Beverley Clack reviews ''Saving the World''? Gordon Brown Reconsidered

Written by Ashwin Rattan Thursday, 14 February 2013 11:14
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Bev Clack, Professor in the Philosophy of Religion, Department of History, Philosophy and Religion - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences reviews Saving the World? Gordon Brown Reconsidered




A thoughtful and surprising reappraisal of a massive and often misunderstood figure."

Saving the world? is The Observer's paperback of the week, more details here

About Beverley Clack (dubbed Clacka by this website)

The themes of my research

Cultures and communities

Details of my research

Beverley's research is concerned with exploring the way in which feminist and psychoanalytic theories can inform the approach and content of a humanist approach to the philosophical study of religion. Her publications include Feminist Philosophy of Religion: Critical Readings, co-edited with Pamela Sue Anderson (2004); Sex and Death: A Reappraisal of Human Mortality (2002); Misogyny in the Western Philosophical Tradition (1999); and The Philosophy of Religion, co-authored with Brian R. Clack in 1998 (a fully revised second edition of this book was published in 2008). She holds a BA in Theology from Westminster College Oxford, and a PhD in the History and Philosophy of Religion from King’s College London. In 2006 she completed an MSc in Theoretical Psychoanalytic Studies at University College London, and is currently working on two books which seek to develop the relationship between psychoanalysis and the philosophy of religion.

She was made professor in 2009 and a recording of her inaugural lecture 'In Sickness and In Health: Religion, Philosophy and Human Wellbeing' can be found here.

Academic and Research Interests

Philosophy of religion, and particularly feminist approaches to the subject. Also the relationship between psychoanalytic theory and philosophy of religion.

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