#Punk Money: How to print money on twitter

Written by Webisteme Thursday, 06 October 2011 15:20
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In the Middle Ages, producers created their own money as a promise to deliver goods and services in the future, and spent it with people who trusted them.

The promisee, who became the bearer of a new credit note, could transfer it to a third party as payment, by signing it on the back. If a note ever came back to the issuer, it would be redeemed for whatever it was a promise for. Personal currencies were effective forms of trust-based local money when bullion was in short supply.

Today, as we face another shortage of sovereign money, why not revive the old practice with new technology? Credit money can be created by anyone with something to produce, and some trust that they can deliver it. Twitter is in fact an ideal platform for this: it offers a public record, its format is brief, it is a social network, and it has some handy syntax to do everything we need.

So here’s a proposal on how to literally print money with Twitter, called read more, check out Eli's blog 

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