Realising the potential of early stage growth

Written by Ashwin Rattan Wednesday, 01 August 2012 10:35
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New course from the Institute of Manufacturing in Cambridge, UK


Realising the potential of early stage technology

Learn How to


  • Address the challenges and risks of emerging technologies
  • Manage the fuzzy front end of innovation
  • Justify early stage technological investment


The successful development and commercialisation of early stage technologies is a highly complex journey. The translation of basic science and exploratory ideas into products and services is far from straightforward. Organisations face the multiple challenges of stimulating the conception of promising technologies, identifying and supporting those with greatest commercial promise, selecting appropriate business models for their exploitation, while simultaneously identifying and managing risks, and preventing imitation of these intellectual assets.


In this new training course, these fundamental issues associated with the management of early stage technology and innovation will be covered. The course will include a mix of presentations from members of the Centre for Technology Management, small group exercises and plenary feedback discussions.


By the end of the course you will have a working knowledge of how to:


  • accelerate the commercialisation of new technologies to market
  • select appropriate approaches for stimulating and supporting the front end of innovation
  • evaluate early stage technologies and justify investment
  • integrate risk considerations into technology strategy
  • capture the value from intellectual property, while ensuring it remains protected.


Course topics


  • Technology and innovation management introduction
  • Early-stage technology
  • Technology evolution
  • Decision support tools
  • Technology valuation approaches
  • Intellectual property management
  • Managing creativity and the fuzzy front end of innovation
  • Organisational forms for breakthrough innovation
  • New venture finance
  • Business models
  • Risk management


Who should attend?


  • Managers responsible for early stage technology, product development or venturing
  • Entrepreneurs and technology venturists
  • Academics and university technology transfer offices
  • Government and other agencies promoting/supporting technology commercialisation
  • Technology and management consultancies
  • Technologists and R&D engineers
  • Venture fund managers


Feedback from other CTM courses

“Good, professionally organised and delivered course. The discussions and interactions with others were also particularly valuable.”
Senior Manager, GG Bearing Technology

“A very good course that met the agenda and contributed to my information needs. Some excellent presenters and a good mix of lecture, activity and debate.”
Technology Director, Beiersdorf

“Superb course, a good foundation for further learning.”
Technology Acceleration, The Carbon Trust

Course leaders

The course will be presented by members of the Centre for Technology Management (CTM), one of several research centres within the University of Cambridge’s Institute for Manufacturing.

CTM’s research covers a broad range of issues, providing industrial technology managers and the wider technology management community with a unique resource for investigating effective technology management practices. Course presenters have extensive research and industrial experience of the methods covered in the course.

The course will conclude with a panel session where delegates will be able to engage in discussion with experts who have considerable experience of early stage technologies:


  • Dr Eric Mayes, CEO Endomagnetics;
  • *Dr David Coates, Growth Agenda
  • Dr Bob Bates, Director of Katelan Consulting, former Senior Program Manager at Philips Applied Technologies.
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