Red Pepper review The Courageous State

Written by Ashwin Rattan Monday, 04 June 2012 09:57
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The Courageous State is an indictment of the behaviour and agendas of contemporary politicians.


Richard Murphy argues that we have ‘a government ... run by cowards who believe that there is nothing they can do but acquiesce to the demands of the market’ (p6).


He juxtaposes the cowardly state, whose politicians have swallowed the lie that market outcomes are always better than state-designed outcomes and run away from their responsibilities by leaving everything to the market, with the Courageous State, whose politicians have integrity, who know that the future is uncertain and that there is a great deal they do not know, but also know that they must take responsibility, must choose and must act.


He asks how we can expect people to have faith in politics and politicians when our politicians themselves have no faith in themselves but only in ‘the market’.


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