Rethinking personal data

Written by Simon Deane-Johns Thursday, 21 June 2012 22:39
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Simon Deane-Johns is The Pragmatist and the author of the recently published Lipstick on a Pig:


On Thursday I joined a World Economic Forum 'tiger team' focused on rethinking personal data, a process that aims to build on reports revealing personal data as a new asset class, and meeting thechallenges this evolution brings.
My thanks to Liz Brandt at Ctrl Shift for inviting me along.
Apparently, as one non-legal delegate put it, "there are not enough lawyers at these sorts of events."
In essence, we are moving from a world where data about each of us is compiled into large national databases by corporations and governments (since they are the only ones with the vast resources required to do it); to a world where personal data is highly distributed and grows with every interaction with or about each of us, so that no one can keep up with it, let alone store it in a single place. 
It's therefore important to understand that a "personal data store" is not envisaged as your own personal database of all personal information about you.
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