Richard ''Courageous State'' Murphy, the ''extra guest'' on Question Time

Written by Searching Finance Thursday, 07 March 2013 19:54
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The author of The Courageous State will be the extra guest on tonight's Question Time.


From Richard's blog:


I am the ‘Extra Guest’ on BBC’s Question Time tonight.

That does not mean you will see me on the panel on televsion – it means I am given the BBC’s twitter account

for an hour. If you want to see what I have to say you have to follow @BBCExtraGuest  on twitter.

The question I have now is what ius going to be on? It’s wise to prepare oneself.

Immigration is inevitable – and yes I’ve read Yvette Cooper this morning.

Is Serco and the NHS privatisation likely?

What about Vince Cable u-turning?

There’s always the EU - especially as it’s coming from Dover.

And is Syria a cert given we’re sending some old tanks?

Will the bedroom tax feature?

What about privatising RBS (unlikely, I think)?

It’s been announced today that lone parent rates are up threefold in 40 years – could that be linked to social housing?

Suggestions welcome……

Oh, and anything anyone want to suggest about what I say about Melanie Phillips? Keep it polite please…this will be on the BBC.

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