Richard Murphy, 7th on left wing thinkers list

Written by Ashwin Rattan Friday, 30 September 2011 13:49
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Richard Murphy, author of the forthcoming, The Courageous State (to be published autumn 2011) has placed 7th on Left Foot Forward's list of Influential Left Wing Thinkers 2011.

Ahead, it has to be said of Ed Miliband, Will Hutton and indeed Barack Obama. Although the first and last of this trio are probably too busy ''doing'' to be ''thinking''.

Duncan Weldon, noted Labour activist, and author of the forthcoming Plan B for the Economy, did not place. Justice, no doubt,  for Duncan's desire to prioritise his wedding over his book writing.

What they say about Richard Murphy:

Kevin Maguire, Sunday Mirror

 ''I take my hat off to Richard Murphy, the accountant who keeps up a daily(and occasionally hourly) battle against wealthy tax dodgers. Murphy is a heroic figure. Tireless and forensic, driven by an admirable moral fervour, I take my hat off to a campaigner with Duracell batteries.''


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