Shinichiro Inoue reviews BankRUPT

Written by Ashwin Rattan Saturday, 04 August 2012 18:57
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By Shinichiro Inoue (Palo Alto, CA United States) 


A "trust meltdown" in financial services is occurring because the industry,


"too often characterized by arrogance and greed,"


has demonstrated flagrantly anti-customer behaviors for way too long.


I agree with Carol's simple notion that,

"the new focus must be on the customer,"


and bit by bit, the industry needs to regain the trust of everyday Americans.

What I took away from her book was that we need a new approach to financial services, which combines the old and the new -- the old-school ethos and new technology.
As a person who is building a new kind of financial advisory company to democratize quality financial advice for the 99%, Bankrupt proved to be an inspiration and validation for our business direction.
Thank you, Carol.
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