Should Iceland adopt the Canadian Dollar?

Written by Olafur Margeirsson Monday, 14 November 2011 12:05
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An acquaintance of mine and me were discussing a newspaper article arguing for the adoption of the Canadian dollar (CAD) in Iceland. Without getting into too much detail, the author of the article said the adoption of CAD beneficial for Iceland due to the fact that both economies were rich in energy and raw commodities (if you know Icelandic, the article is here).

Furthermore, the Canadian banking system is one of the safest one in the world - which is true - and the currency is stable - which is also true, probably because the banking system is sound. One can of course make the same case about the Norwegian krona and the similarities between the economies of Norway and Iceland but anyway, adopting the CAD was meant to be beneficial.

I would like to stress that I don't have a clue whether Iceland should adopt a foreign currency or not, let it be the CAD, NOK, USD or whatever else.

And the reason is simple: I, like everybody else, do not know which will be better because there is massive uncertainty in the decision ("unknown unknowns"). Furthermore, it hinges on the personal risk appetite of everybody...

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