Soon from Searching ... Warwick Lightfoot and Eoin Clarke debate the Thatcher Legacy

Written by Searching Finance Wednesday, 17 April 2013 11:01
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Searching Finance is delighted to announce that we are shortly to publish Debating The Thatcher Legacy.


Dr Eoin Clarke and Warwick Lightfoot, two individuals with contrasting views of Lady Thatcher and her time in office, discuss her impact on the UK.

About Warwick Lightfoot

Warwick Lightfoot is a professional economist with specialist interests in monetary policy, public expenditure, taxation and labour markets.


Formerly the economics editor of The European, he was for many years a frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal and has written for the Financial Times, The Times, Sunday Times, the Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, and the Guardian. His articles on economics and public policy have also been published in specialist journals that range from Financial World, International Economy, and Investors Chronicle to the Times Literary Supplement and the Journal of Insolvency Practitioners.


Warwick worked in government as Special Adviser to the Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1989-92, initially appointed by Nigel Lawson and later reappointed by John Major and Norman Lamont. He was also Special Adviser to the Secretary of State for Employment, the  Rt Hon Norman Fowler MP. He is a Councillor for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.


Warwick is the author of Sorry We Have No Money - Britain's Economic Problem

About Dr Eoin Clarke

Eoin Clarke graduated with a PhD in History from Queen’s University Belfast. 


He works as an educational assessor and tutor in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century European History. Eoin founded The Green Benches website in 2010, and his site has been a regular feature in the UK Top Ten political websites rankings on E-Labz, reaching number 1 in Spring 2012. Eoin also founded Labour think tank Labour Left in April 2011. His motive for forming Labour Left was to work with colleagues to generate policies with an ethical socialist theme for inclusion in the 2015 Labour Party manifesto. To this end, Eoin also co-edited Labour Left’s Red Book in 2012. The policies contained in his Red Book chapter on Housing were presented at a Labour Party’s Top of the Policies event chaired by Shadow Housing Minister Jack Dromey in Westminster in May 2012, and his ideas were voted the most popular by his peers.  Eoin is also a regular speech maker, and in the last year has spoken throughout the UK on matters of Housing, Poverty and Health. 


“The Work that Eoin Clarke does is Brilliant. It is the work that others can’t or don’t do. He has led the way in showing what it is possible to achieve with Citizen Journalism.” Tom Watson MP

Debating the Thatcher Legacy will be published by Searching Finance in May 2013

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