Systemic problems in US banking culture?

Written by Ashwin Rattan Monday, 22 October 2012 18:55
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Entrepreneur and business leader Carol Realini's BankRUPT was the book that called time on the excesses of US banking culture.


Carol Full Avatarsmall


As Carol noted:


Today’s vast superbanks are organizations that seem to operate by their own rules and trample their Main Street customers.

BANKRUPT shows what afflicts today’s biggest banks, and shows how they nickel-and-dime the average customer even as they hold trillions of dollars in assets and government bailout funds.


It’s not about creating nostalgia for a golden age that is long past.


It’s about how today’s banks can transform themselves to redefine banking.

It’s a call for leadership that lives by the motto “Do the right thing.”


A new book ''Why I left Goldmann Sachs'' picks up on these themes, to read an interview with its author click below:

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