The contactless world of Euro 2012 by Michal Polasik

Written by Michal Polasik Wednesday, 06 June 2012 16:03
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Football fans know that it's always good to travel light and keep your expectations low when going to a football tournament. But leaving your cash at home as well, surely not? Well perhaps this time ... 


For the first time in the history of the European Football Championships, fans will have an opportunity to pay with contactless cards at all Polish stadiums and fan zones.


Not that I’m scoring points or anything, but Poland has really outpaced the London Olympics (think of a Polish eagle soaring far above an English bulldog, or something like that) in terms of the comprehensive contactless payment system for fans and the many media freeloaders in attendance.


In Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw and Gdansk, all of the Polish Euro 2012 stadiums, a total of 360 checkouts have been equipped with contactless POS terminals so fans will be able to pay using contactless cards or NFC mobile phones.


The use of this type of contactless technology provides convenience for fans as regards speed of payment (so English fans will spend less time queuing for bovril). For the main sponsor of Euro 2012, MasterCard, it's an important opportunity to promote and increase familiarity with this coming technology.


In fan zones in Poznan, Gdansk and Wroclaw, cash and traditional payment cards will be forbidden, and contactless will be the only payment method.


Contactless payments will be also introduced in the 5 Carlsberg FanCamps.


Fans without a card will be able to buy contactless prepaid cards issued by one of the sponsors – Bank Pekao SA. Cards issued during Euro 2012 can be also used outside the fan zones until the end of 2012.


It is expected that during Euro 2012 there will be around 0.5 million contactless cards issued.


Whether will the football will be any good, I can't really say ... but payment will be painless.


Source: POLASIK Research,


Polasik have produced recent reports on global contactless payments as well as a study of the polish market for contactless. 

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