The Extraordinary Madness of Banks and the Extreme Folly of Governments

Written by Ashwin Rattan Thursday, 29 September 2011 08:10
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Chris Skinner, stands second to no one (perhaps Robert Peston) in his desire to both chronicle and profit from these strange financial times in which we live.

Following his failure to take part in Channel 5's relaunch of Big Brother, Chris turns his attention, once again, to writing.

The Extraordinary Madness of Banks and The Extreme Folly of Government - A Tragedy in Two Acts will be published this December by Searching Finance, and is the follow up to book 5 in his previous publishing sequence ''The Complete Banker ''.

Get ready for a December publication, in traditional as well as electronic (kindle, nook, e-Reader) versions. So you can buy it, or indeed ignore it, across many different formats.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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